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    About us

    Shandong Haoxing Silicon Industry Co., Ltd (Abbreviated as Shandong Silicon), located in famous coastal kite-flying city Weifang in Shandong Province, P. R. China, was jointly established and funded by the leading sodium metasilicate  and white carbon black manufacturers in East China. We focus on the production of sodium metasilicate, white carbon black and carbon black and its related R&D. The shareholders can produce  1.2 million metric tons of sodium metasilicate(more than 50% of national production),200,000.00 metric tons of white carbon black and 160,000.00 metric tons of carbon black, part of which are exported to South Korea, Japan, ASEAN members, Europe, America, Middle East countries and etc.

    As an independent entity actively engaging with domestic and overseas market, Shandong Silicon trades soda ash, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, anhydrous sodium sulphate, quartz sand, lime stone, etc. Annually, we procure 600,000.00 mts of soda ash and one million mts of quartz sand from domestic and overseas suppliers.

    We have built up a highly efficient work team. We have state-of -the -art equipment in operation and impeccable ancillary amenities in place. We care details in production and business procedures. We have set up multi communication platforms. Upholding integrity, quality and customer as priority, we are well accredited as top partner by more and more customers at home and abroad.

    We believe that friendship partners with trust and cooperation brings about win-win. All friends from home and abroad are welcome to inquire and explore possibilities to cooperation.

    Contact us
      Silicon Co., Ltd. Shandong Haoxing  

    Overseas Market Departmet: Mr. Feng 18654731716
    E-mail: 13371070256@189.cn
    Domestic Market Departmet: Mr. Sun 18106362208
    E-mail: 15863661028@163.com
    Address: Shandong Fangzi District, Weifang City of Phoenix Street, 11th Floor, Finance Building 168

    Contact: the Ministry of foreign trade Mr. Feng 18654731716 Mail:13371070256@189.cn The Ministry of internal trade: Mr. Sun 15863661028 Mail:15863661028@163.com Address: Shandong province Weifang city Fangzi District Phoenix Street No. 168 financial building 11 layer
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