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    Sodium silicate name origin


    Sodium silicate sodium silicate (Na2SiO3), also known as sodium silicate, sodium silicate (xNa2O.ySiO2), colorless, green or brown solid or viscous liquid. Sodium silicate is made of silica (quartz sand), soda ash (or earth alkali) in the melting furnace melting CPC, cooling crushing obtained, the fuel is coal, natural gas, coal gas can. Sodium silicate production process can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet, usually used is dry production of solid sodium silicate, and then dissolves into the liquid sodium silicate required specifications, the conversion rate was 1:2 .5. The raw material for the production of sodium silicate quartz sand, soda ash, by mixing the two to the reflection kiln, after calcination melting furnace water quenching package is the solid sodium silicate. Solid sodium silicate is conducive transportation and storage. The solid sodium silicate at a certain temperature and pressure to melt into a liquid that is liquid sodium silicate.

    Chemical reaction formula: Na2CO3 + SiO2-Na2SiO3 + CO2 ↑

    Quartz sand, soda ash mixed → → → water quenching calcined solid sodium silicate → → → liquid sodium silicate melt by

    Sodium silicate very versatile, almost throughout the various sectors of the national economy. In the chemical system is used to make silica, silica, zeolite, sodium silicate, silica, silicon layer, and instant powdered sodium silicate, potassium and sodium silicate and other silicate products, silicon compounds The basic raw material; in the light of the detergent, soap and other detergents indispensable raw materials, but also the quality of softeners to help Shen agents; to help dye, bleach and sizing in the textile industry; widely used in machinery industry in casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives; for the manufacture of quick-drying cement, acid cement waterproof oil, soil stabilizer, refractories in the construction industry; in agriculture can be manufactured Silicon fertilizer; another sodium silicate as an adhesive agent, widely used cardboard (corrugated) carton adhesive. Water pollution phosphorus-based builders, currently completely replace, the need to replace the phosphorus builders builders meet three functions: demineralized water, the necessary basic and good resistance to re-settlement capabilities. The latest generation of non-phosphorus builder crystalline layered silicate only achieve these three requirements, but also has fast exchange of calcium and magnesium dissolved in water, with a bleaching agent has good compatibility and easy to concentrate and other characteristics, and therefore is currently the most promising non-phosphorus builders, but currently there is no mass production. Domestic demand is now imported from abroad, the import price of 10,000 yuan / ton. It is estimated that each year of non-phosphorus builders in domestic demand will reach 50 to 80 million tons. Crystalline layered sodium disilicate has four different crystal structure (a-, b-, g-, d-), wherein anhydrous d-type d-Na2Si2O5 is ideal.

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